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When You're a Boss, You Do What You Want

More than JUST a course... but a PROGRAM on how to Launch your Amazon Business from $0-$100k+

Join the 1000+ FBA Bosses

What is Amazon FBA?

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Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) is a business model that utilizes Amazon’s resources. Your research and find profitable products with high demand & low competition and create your own brand on them. This is just like printing your own brand or logo on a T-Shirt. This is called private labeling. Then you outsource them from manufacturers/suppliers on From there, you purchase inventory and work with your supplier to ship the inventory to an Amazon Warehouse.

Then once you list your product on the amazon market, every time you make a sale, Amazon does all the shipping,  packing, and returns for you! Completely hands off! You sit back and manage the sales on your computer. Because you leverage Amazon’s thousands of employees and huge warehouses, it makes the business pretty much passive income.


My name is Kevin Pak and I am just like you. This course was made for those who want a way out of their 9-5, to build financial freedom, want just an additional stream of income, and finally, those lost in their career/college life. Do any of those describe you? Because they all describe me before I started.


This is a step by step in-depth, no short cut, no unnecessary info straight to the point course to help you build a sustainable and successful Amazon business. Including 300+ minutes of video tutorial content, PDF files, and quizzes to help guide you. Along with that you get the support of our private coaching group.


It is super simple! Go through the course, take notes, take action and get the results! Have the support of the private coaching group along with myself as well! There’s no BS here, either you do the work and persevere to get the results, or you don’t and make no progress.


After Completing my Course you will learn

  • How to set up a business on Amazon.

  • How to analyze a market on Amazon.

  • How to find profitable products that make $10k+ per month.

  • How to contact, negotiate and order your first product with suppliers overseas.

  • How to handle shipping and logistics of your Amazon Business.

  • How to set up a beautiful product listing on Amazon.

  • Exclusive Access to my photography and design team, I use with my projects.

  • How to set up a business on Amazon.

  • Exclusive Access to my photography and design team, I use with my projects.

  • Effectively launch your products through PPC.

  • Learn Advanced skills & secretes in Amazon PPC Advertising.

  • Scaling your business to Multiple 6 figures.

  • Go from Beginner to Pro Amazon Seller!

  • Learn through 70+ videos, PDF files and Quizzes.

Meet your Mentors

“Together we have 9+ years of total experience on Amazon FBA and collectively sold over $50 million worth of products lifetime.”

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Student Testimonials

Here is what a few of our students had to say!


Amazon FBA
Course Curriculum

Section 1: Intro & Mindset Into Business

  •  Welcome to your Journey! The Goals of Amazon FBA (2:50)

  •   Your Amazon To-Do-List

  •  Identifying your Goals (2:38)

  •  Business Structure: Sole Proprietor or Corporation? Which to Start? (2:43)

Section 4: Amazon Product Research

  • Tools Needed for Product Research

  • Understanding Revenue vs. Profits

  • Amazon Fees: Seller Fees, Fulfillment Fees, Storage Fees!

  • The EXACT Product Research Criteria/Validation for Success

  • Checking Gated Categories / Restricted Products

  • Product Research Training: Surface Level (Revenue & Competition)

  • Product Research Training: Deeper Level (Profit Margins & Seasonality)

  • Product Research Training: Deeper Level (How to Differentiate)

  • Product Research Mindset +
    Additional Criteria

  • How to do a Patent Search

  • Finding Your Main Keyword With Reverse ASIN Search

  • Unique Product Research

  • Products Not To Sell 

Section 7: Don't Trade Time for Money! Source work from Fiverr!

  • Getting Custom Product Packaging Design

  • Getting Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) WITHOUT Brand Registry (MAJOR HACK)

Section 10: Product Launch: How to Start Making Sales!

  • Importance Of Being On Page 1

  • Making Sure Your Listing Is Fully Optimized (Launch Checklist)

  • Special Url To Rank Higher For Keywords! (Hack)

  • Keyword Tracking With Helium10

Section 13: Removing Hijackers OFF your Listing!

  • How to Scare OFF your Hijackers

  • Get Brand Registered in 2 WEEKS Using IP Accelerator

Section 16: Amazon Accouting

  • Shopkeeper & QuickBooks

  • Managing Amazon FBA Taxes!

  • Sales Tax on Amazon!

Section 2: Setting Up Seller Central & Alibaba Accounts + Navigation

  •   EIN & Business Bank ACC, LLC Guide

  • Creating your Seller Central Account & Applying for EIN

  • Navigating Through Seller Central (Basics)

  • Create Alibaba Account & Navigating

Section 5: Build a Dummy Product Listing (Part 1)

  • Creating a Dummy Listing (temporarily)

  • Where to Find UPC Codes!

Section 8: Build an Amazing Product Listing

  • Tips on having the best product photos to convert for more sales!

  • Keyword research: finding keywords that make you $$$

  • Keyword research: stealing your competitor’s keywords!!!

  • Optimizing product listing: for the amazing title, features, description & back end keywords

  • Finalizing your listing (secret hack)

  • Course special: access to my direct photographer/graphic design team

Section 11: Become a PRO at Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

  • Understanding Acos % And Goals Of PPC

  • Building An Ad Campaign: Campaign & Match Types Explained

  • Learn How To Read & Analyze Advertising

  • Optimizing An Automatic Campaign

  • How To Negative Target ASINS

  • Optimizing Broad & Phrase Campaigns

  • Optimizing Exact Campaigns

  • Charge Your Ad Costs On A Credit Card For Free Travel + Points!

  • Build A Product Targeting Campaign

  • Secret Ppc Strategies!!! (Exclusive)

Section 14: Maintenance After Product Launch

  • Adjusting Your Price And Increase Conversion Rate

  • Find More Keywords To Rank For To Make More Sales!

  • What To Do When Running Out Of Stock

  • How To Liquidate Your Inventory


  • Documents / Templates

  • Links

Section 3: Finding your Budget!

  • How Much You’ll Need to Spend on Inventory

  • How Much Money You’ll Need on Photos/Software/Listing

  • How Much You’ll Need for PPC Advertising

Section 6: Finding The Best Suppliers & Shipping Your Product to Amazon

  • How Many Units Should You Order?

  • Contacting a Trustworthy Supplier + How to Pay for Goods

  • BEST WAY to NEGOTIATE with Suppliers

  • Understanding Shipping Terms (DDP, EXW, FOB)

  • Air Shipping vs. Sea Shipping

  • Hiring an Inspection Company (Ensuring the BEST Quality Product)

  • Ordering Samples From Your Supplier (Stock vs. Production?)

  • Creating a Shipping Plan on Seller Central

  • How to Use a Freight Forwarder!

  • How to use a 3PL Warehouse

Section 9: Earn Customer Trust! Getting 5 Star Reviews!

  • Verified vs Unverified reviews – Seller Feedback vs Customer Reviews
    Adding an insert card to wow your customers!

  • Effective email campaigns for more reviews! (feedbackwhiz tutorial)

Section 12: Officially Launching Your Product

  • PPC campaigns to successfully launch your product to the first page

  • My secret PPC launch strategy (help save money + increase sales)

Section 15: Understanding Cashflow of the Business

  • Cashflow And Preparing For Q4 Sales

  • When To Take Out A Business Loan

  • How To Scale Your Amazon Business

  • Mistakes I Made

We have over 1000+ Students!

  • In-depth training platform with 70+ video content, Resources, SOPs, and PDFs (updates included)

  • Access to the FBA Boss Inner Circle for 24/7 support

  • Connect with 6-8 figure sellers

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • EXCLUSIVE option for DONE-FOR-YOU product selection!

  • Access to exclusive networking events

Join the 1000+ FBA Bosses


Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Training Program Start and Finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How Long do I have access to the program?

You get UNLIMITED access + all updates to the training program! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What is Our Refund Policy?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund. Note The refund Applies Only If you haven’t used us for mentorship or product verification and you Have NOT Completed 20% or more of the course, or used a coaching call. The Payment Plan is non-refundable. Course Manipulation is not tolerated. All Promotions/Discounted Purchases are Non-Refundable.

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